Elden Ring: How to fix the infinite death loop hack

Elden Ring’s large open world has taken the gaming world by storm. And like different video games from FromSoftware, the sport options multiplayer so you may benefit from the sport with associates. However hackers have already discovered a option to damage your enjoyable in Elden Ring.


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In Elden Ring, your world could be invaded by different gamers to provoke a PvP battle. The invasion is meant to lead to a duel between gamers the place the invader can win a couple of rewards by taking out the goal.

Nonetheless, within the PC model of the sport, a bunch of hackers has discovered a option to exploit the sport and damage the enjoyable for others. Elden Ring is a difficult sport, so these losers flip to hacking once they inevitably notice they’ll by no means quantity to something, even in a fantasy online game.

The losers have discovered an exploit that permits them to invade one other particular person’s world and crash their sport. However it doesn’t finish there. Upon reopening the sport and loading again into their character, targets of those hackers discover their character in an infinite falling dying loop.

As you may most likely think about, that is extremely annoying. To not point out the truth that it will possibly damage your sport’s save. If all you may see within the sport is a repeating “You Died” display, then that character is basically ruined.

As somebody who has round 100 hours in a single Elden Ring character, I can verify that this might be essentially the most irritating gaming expertise I had in a very long time. Thankfully, it appears to be like like there’s an answer that would assist, although it won’t work each time.

Tips on how to repair the infinite deathloop hack in Elden Ring

As of now, there isn’t any official repair for this drawback. Thankfully, it solely persists on PC, so console players don’t have to fret concerning the subject.

There may be, nonetheless, a type of repair that some customers have had luck with. Reddit person Draiganedig instructed a workaround that would get players out of the Elden Ring’s dying loop. It’s a bit difficult, so it may take a while to get it proper.

Principally, each time you load into your sport, you’ll have a break up second the place you’re falling earlier than your character truly dies. By urgent Alt + F4 earlier than your character truly dies, you’ll power the sport to close down.

Then, the subsequent time you load into your character, you’ll have just a little further time to behave. This time, you have to to arrange a sequence of button presses. First, open your map. Then open the listing of Web site of Grace quick journey factors (Triangle on a PlayStation controller or Y on an Xbox controller).

The final step is to then choose the primary Web site of Grace on the listing (X on a PlayStation controller or A on an Xbox controller). If you’ll be able to press all of those buttons earlier than you die, you’ll quick journey to a Web site of Grace and save your character.

You’ll should be fast to get this to work. A number of customers have confirmed on the Reddit thread that this has labored for them, so it’s undoubtedly price attempting. Bear in mind, it’s worthwhile to Alt + F4 to shut Elden Ring earlier than you die to present your self that further time to work.

It is a tremendous irritating exploit that FromSoftware hopefully addresses quickly. Till then, both play Elden Ring offline or be ready to probably run into issues while you open your self up for invasion.

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