Prison Break: Alcatraz – escape the cell puzzle adventure

From the builders of Jail Break: Lockdown, Jail Break: Alcatraz is the newer “escape the room” puzzle journey. Discover intelligent hidden clues and objects to free your self from the world’s hardest jail.


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In Jail Break: Alcatraz you’re a hardened escape artist within the hardest jail… Alcatraz. In every stage the aim is to flee the jail cell utilizing varied hidden clues scattered about. For instance, in cell #1 you’re locked up with one other nonchalant cellmate standing by the bars gazing off into the courtyard. Tapping round reveals:

  • Arock underneath the highest bunk mattress pillow
  • A razor blade within the sink (use the rock to interrupt the razor in an effort to accumulate the blade)
  • Surprisingly, use the blade to open the letter on the stool which reveals a key (this isn’t the door key however use it for the locked field atop the desk
  • On this field you’ll discover a cigarette, use it as a monetaryoffering to the cellmate and pay him for info… (the mixture to the field on his mattress 1965)
  • Saved in that field is a hammer. Take it to the wall by the desk and use the hammer to smash the center-blocks revealing the door key!

This puzzler is full of many crafty ranges to determine riddles, reveal miscellaneous object and mix objects to create issues wanted for escaping. Though this recreation was evaluated on a PC, the graphics could possibly be improved for bigger screens. The 3D graphics weren’t anti-aliased (which resembled watching 240p decision content material on a 1080p tv.)

Jail Break: Alcatraz will hold you engaged and pondering the way to escape every jail cell as they differ with every stage. A number of the clues are in plain sight whereas others require some intelligent considering and use of different objects to lastly reveal the door key. I like to recommend giving it a attempt.


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