The Apps Needed to Keep Track of Your Children

The mobile phone is one of the most powerful tools that are available for seeking information. With this, it can be abused if not used responsibly which is why it is so important for parents to be able to track and monitor the activity of their child both online and offline. Given this notion, this article discusses the best apps that can be used to track the mobile phone activity of their children.

MMGuardian Parent App

As a highly comprehensive app that is able to not only monitor the phone of younger users but also take protective measures to ensure that no harmful content is observed, MMGuardian Parent App is one of the best tools available for protecting phone users. For example, parents are able to use the app to track SMS and block calls while also being able to restrict what kind of content can be looked at online. In enforcing these controls, parents can get greater peace of mind in knowing that their child is not exposed to harmful content or those with malicious intent. One of the best features of the app is that parents can also set time limits on how long a child can use the phone for as well as see the location of the phone at any time. With all of these features, parents can get a comprehensive view of the activities that their child is doing on their phone and enforce various controls to restrict unwanted content.

GPS Location tracking

One of the most important tools that can be used to track children is with the GPS functionality that is built right onto phones. Through the GPS Location tracking app, parents are able to get up-to-the-minute information on where their child is at all times. In being able to locate the child at any time, users can be assured of where they are at without requiring permission from the phone user. Beyond simply following the location of the phone, the app is also able to remotely activate the microphone to listen in on the conversations as well as track the information of app usage so that parents know exactly which apps are being used and for how long. With all of this data, parents can get significant peace of mind in knowing that their child is in a safe location and is using their device responsibly.

Net Nanny for Android

With the ability to control the internet activity of different phones remotely, Net Nanny is a great tool for enforcing data usage. For example, through a web app, users can choose exactly which specific sites should be blocked as well as the categories of sites that should be blocked as well. In being able to do so, parents can either block the site or set up a warning notification so that if a child does attempt to go on these sites, they would receive a notification. Through all of these features, parents are able to effectively monitor the internet activity from the mobile phone easily and remotely to ensure that it is being used safely.

SecureTeen Parental Control

Beyond internet activity, SecureTeen is an app that gives access to the communication activity of the phone. For instance, parents are able to see the calling activity of the user as well as the specific texts that are sent and received. In being able to monitor who the person is interacting with and in what way, users can better protect their children from engaging in harmful conversations with others. Furthermore, once the parents find out who they wish to stop from contacting their children, parents can remotely block that number straight from their own app. With the ability to block websites, remotely track location, block apps, and even schedule when the users are allow to use the phone, it is one of the most powerful apps that can be used by parents to ensure that they have visibility on what their children are doing with their device.

Family Locator, GPS Tracker

To easily track and communicate with family members, Family Locator is a highly recommended app that lets users track family members in real time. Furthermore, by selecting a family member, they are able to see data such as how long they have been in a certain location, their exact address, and a history of where they have been in the past 30 days. With alerts that are able to send notifications when the kids leave home, arrive at school, or get to work, users can get complete visibility on everything that is happening with those in the family. Beyond this, users can also see if a member is driving faster than the designated driving limit as well as get a location of the user once their phone starts to run low on batteries. As one of the most comprehensive apps for tracking the location of various family members, Family Locator is a highly recommended tool for parents who want to more closely monitor the location of their children via mobile app.

For those who want to be able to better protect their child from abusing different aspects of the mobile phone as well as monitor phone usage, the apps listed in this article are able to provide comprehensive controls to do so. From apps that are able to restrict certain types of content to others that update parents on the location of their children, these tools can be used to get a complete view of the mobile activies of younger users.

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