The Best Goal Apps To Increase Your Productivity

These days, we seem to be overwhelmed with productivity tools, tactics, and services to help us become well-oiled efficiency machines. Productivity is the amount of work you can produce with the goal of creating more. It’s time for you to find one of the best goal apps to increase your productivity.


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Try one and see if it can help you work more efficiently. However, before you choose one, think about your goals, work style, and the people who will use them. For everyone to benefit from a productivity tool, it must be simple and easy to use.

Ever picked up your phone, been distracted by social media, and then put it down without completing your intended task? Or perhaps continual notifications are interrupting your flow. Whatever your productivity killer is, there’s an app for it.

Here is a list of the best goal apps for increasing productivity. These apps will help you work faster and more efficiently and also help you be more organized.


1. – One of the Best Goal Apps for Everything is a favorite among productivity or goal apps. However, it’s not a productivity app, it’s a Work OS. This means it’s a digital, visual interface you can adapt to produce whatever you need to be more productive.

You can use for just about anything. This includes daily task management, brainstorming, project planning, file sharing, company-wide communication, and more.


2. Focus Booster – For Procrastinators

This is a time management app that uses the well-known Pomodoro technique. It’s a timer that helps you focus on a single task for a certain amount of time. A Pomodoro timer is typically set for 25 minutes of total focus with a 5-minute break afterward. However, Focus Booster allows you to customize both.

This goal app also takes the Pomodoro technique one step further. It has time tracking and reporting capabilities and can extract CSV data for precise invoicing.

The dashboard in Focus Booster also tracks your progress and rhythms. Furthermore, it can pinpoint areas where you might enhance your productivity. This is very helpful for the procrastinator.


3. Calendar – One of the Best Apps for Keeping Track of Your Schedule

Calendar is an app that does exactly what it says: it syncs your calendars with iCal, Google, and Outlook. You may also share your calendar with others so they can see your availability and schedule meetings with you. This is similar to how a virtual personal assistant works.

For people who have trouble keeping track of their schedules, a calendar is a useful tool. This software remembers your contacts, appointments, and tasks. In addition, it notifies you when you’re available.

Travelers, for example, no longer have to worry about accounting for time changes or scheduling meetings at difficult times. Calendar does all of that for them.

For meetings with many people, Calendar allows you to tag invitees, only showing hours that are convenient for everyone. However, to boost your productivity, you might want to consider something a little more comprehensive. offers calendar integrations along with project management features that will streamline your workload and schedule.


4. Forest – One of the Best Goal Apps for Social Media Addicts

With a simple game, Forest promises to help you “remain focused, be present.” As long as you don’t touch your phone, the tree will grow. It takes 30 minutes to plant one tree.

Your tree will die if you exit the time monitoring app. You can grow a forest over time, with each tree symbolizing your commitment to unplugging and staying present.


5. 1Password – The Password Manager App

This program allows you to save your passwords and log in to all of your accounts with just one click. It’s essentially a secure online vault. It remembers everything for you—even your bank account routing number or your home alarm code.

One advantage is convenience. You won’t have to wrack your brain or wander around your desk looking for post-it notes. However, 1Password’s secure, encrypted solution to store your passwords is also great protection from hackers.


6. AnyList – The Grocery List App

If running out of milk and toilet paper is a constant source of frustration, AnyList can help. Create and share a shopping list with your spouse or roommates. Then you’ll always be in sync when someone goes to the store to pick something up.

Every time someone makes a change to the list, it is immediately visible to everyone who is sharing it. AnyList automatically classifies goods by category when you write down ingredients. Therefore, you don’t have to go back to store areas because you forgot something.

You can even use AnyList to assist with your budgeting. When you enter item prices, the app will show a running total, allowing you to see how much you’re spending. You may also compare prices from different stores to discover where you can save money.


7. If This, Then That – The App To Connect Your Apps and Gadgets

IFTTT is a service that allows you to connect gadgets, apps, and services. It helps your security systems, smart home devices, social media, and other services work together in innovative and powerful ways.

Triggers (if then) and actions (then that) are used by each service. You can create automations by combining triggers and actions. These automations can help you enhance efficiency, achieve your goals, and get more out of your smart home.

Using the weather to read the temperature in your home is an example. You can also use it to turn on your security system when leaving your house. Using your voice to turn on a gadget is another helpful use for this app.

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