Worldle is the new guessing game that tests your geography knowledge

The world has gone Wordle-wild over the last month or so, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Now, there’s a new guess-in-six game with a geographical twist, Worldle.


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This time around, you’re not searching through the dictionary to figure out your next best guess. Worldle takes you around the planet, stretching your geography knowledge.

It’s the brainchild of French web dev, @teuteuf, and it’s deliciously difficult. You get a shaded outline of a country, above a column of six spaces to make your guess in.

Once you put your first best guess in (and congratulations if you get any of these on the first try), the game guides you in the correct direction for your second guess. No, literally. Once you put in your guess, Worldle gives you all the information you need to guess correctly the next time.

You get a distance, calculated between “territory centers,” a direction to travel in, and a percentage that’s calculated based on your guesses proximity to the actual answer. Expect that last number to be fairly high for most first guesses, as it’s a percentage of the Earth’s surface.

Each subsequent guess, hopefully, gets you closer to the correct country. We’re not going to tell you not to use Google Maps, or a physical globe because those are perfectly good tools. Happy guessing!

As with Wordle, Worldle is skyrocketing in popularity, as is the entire guessing game subgenre. What started as a side project by the web dev was played by over half a million people on February 13.

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